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What's Done Is Done


Pablo Escobar is dead and the Medellin cartel is now run by La Officina de Envigado.

Their operation is under threat from a whistle blower who is preparing to supply the FBI and DEA with vital information about distribution routes through Miami, a devastating blow to the cartel.

The information is hidden away, which results in a frantic race for both sides following the trail to retrieve it. Intervention from a loner, leaving violence and death in his wake, moves this tense thriller through three continents, with sex and brutality. Will he succeed in his mission and settle old scores.


Brian Hiley was born in Sheffield and educated at the well-known Central Technical School in the city. At an early age, he developed a passion for music which took up most of his time. During the 1970 s he attended Northern Soul venues throughout the country, while in the early eighties he was promoting local bands at venues in the city.

Later he was involved with the early underground Hip Hop genre photographing the break dancers at various venues, before it became mainstream.

His next venture in the 1990 s, he became a respected and well known Salsa DJ and promoter in the Midlands. During this time, he made contacts in Europe, USA, Cuba, Guatemala, Chile and Colombia, some becoming good friends.

He now lives in rural Leicester with his wife and still enjoys listening to salsa and jazz music while finding time to go salsa dancing.

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