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Healthy through the day with Vegan


In this book they expect 60 vegan recipes.

Starting from breakfast, lunch, desserts to dinner.

All dishes are produced by means of organic products!

The ingredients of each dish are chosen so that there is no need for additional intake of artificially produced supplements.

The meals are prepared in a few simple steps and in a short time.

Let yourself be spoiled by my 60 delicacies and enjoy your healthy well-being.


The author of this book has spent his life studying nutrition and how it changes.

The global growth of the world population brought the industry on ever crazier ideas.

One product of this is genetically engineered food production.

This applies both to the meat, as well as to the vegetable food!

From this persistent and abysmal growing circumstances of Ernährungsqulität the author Sven Herty prescribed himself 10 years ago of the own biological cultivation of food and laid for himself the foundation stone of a vegan diet, without chemich manufactured food supplements to have to take.

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