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What is the difference between a cat and a human being?

A cat does not get Burnout Syndrome!

' . . . absolutely adorable and insightful . . .' - Amy Raines, Readers' Favorite.

A Helping Paw is a delightful piece of tongue-in-cheek British satire that thoughtfully and respectfully examines many of the overriding themes of today’s world, such as human behavior, politics and religion. It offers readers a fresh new perspective on life from the point-of-view of a couple of hilarious sharp-witted felines.


Allan Gilmour’s quaint read, A Helping Paw, follows the musings, revelations, advice, and general conversations shared between two house cats on life and ways to succeed and flourish therein. Through a dialogue-format prose and the somewhat silly yet altogether believable premise of two cats contemplating life’s mysteries, this one hundred and twenty-three page novel will appeal to feline fanatics and meditative self-help book enthusiasts alike.


The format of this book is unique and perhaps unexpected, yet fits the conversational plot well. Rather than following a standard novel narrative, Gilmour depicts the scenarios and thoughts of each cat in corresponding quotes in a way that feels similar to reading a transcribed interview or listening in on a phone conversation. Regardless, this technique renders a fast-paced and easily digestible book due to its straightforward and consistently styled prose.

While it may initially seem absurd, the statements and observations of both cats ultimately feel wise, thought-provoking, and genuinely likely. Many consider what their pets may be thinking throughout the day. Through A Helping Paw, Gilmour attempts to answer this. Despite purely consisting of different conversations between the same two house cats, this fact doesn’t feel childish or silly and quickly shifts to believable. It is easy to imagine the characters within the book tangibly discussing life, humanity, and being cats, while also evoking recollections or experiences of observing one’s own pet. The author has mixed little moments of silliness relating to the cat perspective with more universally-relatable topics such as love, morality, self-identity, and temptation. This helps the book to feel casual and light. It’s funny without sacrificing shrewd life observations and judgements applicable to humanity. In fact, in terms of conversation style, character personality and expression, and this book’s general atmosphere, fans of Don Marquis’ Archy and Mehitabel will likely enjoy Gilmour’s A Helping Paw due to evident parallels between the two.

Some may read this book and focus on its unique and amusing nature. Others may put more of an emphasis on the grounded, philosophical debates and advice residing within. Either way, A Helping Paw will likely introduce itself to readers by bringing a smile to the lips and a few chuckles to the throat while concluding with a few realizations to the mind and a fresh outlook on life. All in all, this is an entertaining read of charmingly depicted sagacity perfect for cat-lovers of all ages.


Readers Favorite Book Review

Reviewed by Amy Raines for Readers' Favorite

A Helping Paw: Modern Day Life Observed Through the Eyes of Two Cats and an Englishman by Allan Gilmour shares a unique view of the world. Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston discuss many interesting concepts that most humans shy away from or avoid altogether, including the idea of freedom. The two cats and their owner, ‘Daddy,’ talk about different topics from favorite places to rest, to politics and religion, and several confusing human behaviors. Sir Winston and Mr. Midnight sometimes get confused over certain ideas and behaviors and together they attempt to find a natural peace in understanding the things they find strange. This amusing story gives a greater concept of how everyone is unique and individual with their own way of thinking, and that includes smart and entertaining cats like Mr. Midnight and Sir Winston.

I loved A Helping Paw by Allan Gilmour; it is absolutely adorable and insightful. The plot is very interesting as the cats go through several conversations trying to understand more about human behaviors and ideas they perceive to be strange. The characters of Mr. Midnight, Sir Winston and Daddy have very different ways of looking at things, which makes their unique perspective stand out. Although some of the subjects Gilmour addresses in A Helping Paw can easily become heated arguments, the way he uses conversations with cats makes these topics a lot more fun and meaningful. I recommend A Helping Paw to anyone who likes to read and discover new ways of looking at the world through someone else’s eyes.


Allan Gilmour was born in Nottingham, England, in 1967. In 1987 he sought new horizons and left England’s green and pleasant land for a life in the Black Forest of South Germany. He possesses a German Masters degree in Hairdressing, is self-employed and is a lecturer in Hairdressing and Business Studies. When not playing about with his keyboards, tinkering with his flight simulator, cataloguing old German philately or sifting through his collection of old vinyl recordings, he loves to jog through the rolling-hills of the Black Forest which creatively inspires him for future projects.

In 2012 he published his first book, a non-fiction work titled 'NICE PLACE, SHAME ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE'.

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