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The North Atlantic and its adjacent waters are among the most dangerous in the world. Countless shipwrecks speak for a rough ocean. And yet, these seas are rich in wildlife like playful dolphins and colorful puffins.

Ignoring the hazards and curiously, almost obsessed by sailing the European Atlantic, George and his wife cast-off in the Baltic to an open-end adventure. They sailed to Norway, Scotland, the Hebrides, the Iberian peninsular and promptly fell in love with these countries and their people. The nature in Norway is breathtaking, wildlife on the Hebrides stunning, Scotland is divine, the beer in Dublin is cold, and the sun nearly always shines in southern Europe. With autumn approaching, the Atlantic Ocean faced its first hurricane on the European side in history and underlined its reputation.

The crew took it easy and saw what they hoped to see and much more. Then a virus came along, silently, mysteriously, and ruined all travel plans. Relaxing with each day passing by, the crew realized, live and perceive the moment.

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