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Matias Faldbakken

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For Search, novelist and artist Matias Faldbakken went into the log of his different hard drives and extracted parts of his Google search histories. The search phrases are printed chronologically according to when they were typed into the search box. The texts are largely based on image searches. In many respects they show the verbal semi-absurd foundation for the artist’s image production: they are partly his notes, partly his research. These search-word texts are almost like automatic writing: unconscious (or accidental) text production. They allow the reader to witness part of his working process and could be seen as a cross section of his thinking. The texts occupy a space in between the artist’s visual and textual production, ending up here as a form of (concrete) poetry.

Matias Faldbakken (*1973) lives and works as an artist and writer in Oslo.


Language: German/English


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