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The Unity of Everything


What happens when a Buddhist mystic meets one of the world’s greatest living scientists to discuss the structure of reality and its relation to the process of spiritual enlightenment?

In January 1991, Nish Dubashia, a young student of Buddhist meditation and mysticism, was invited by Professor David Bohm, one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the twentieth century and the man whom Einstein believed was his intellectual successor, to Birkbeck College in London to discuss Dubashia’s thesis that a rather simple process of emergence and dissolution underlies reality, and that what physics is now also discovering in this regard is the same essential truth that underlies many of the surface differences between the great religious and mystical traditions of the world.

For the first time, Nish Dubashia is making available to the public the fascinating discussion that ensued.

What lies at the ground of all being?

How does the unity of the universe appear to us as a multiplicity of things and events?

Why is there so much conflict in the world?

This dialogue, and the models of reality which were discussed, at least made a promising start to answering these ultimate questions.


Nish Dubashia is a Buddhist mystic who lives on permanent retreat, writing and meditating.

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