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The 48 Laws of Power in Practice


Robert Greene’s The 48 Laws of Power has shaken up the lives of millions. It’s wielded by successful business executives, leading actors and musicians, and even by criminal kingpins. But how can you apply its lessons to your life?

Perhaps you want to become a modern Machiavelli. Perhaps you want to escape the daily grind and realise your true potential and your dreams. Or maybe you’re just tired of finding yourself the victim of other people’s games.

But with 48 Laws to choose from and a strong possibility that any one of them might seem like a radical overhaul of your habits and thought processes, it can seem overwhelming or impossible to put the Laws into practice.

Help is at hand. Drawing on our major podcast series, Exploring The 48 Laws of Power, this book provides all you need to put the Laws into practice and make lasting changes to your life.

We reveal the 3 Most Powerful Laws (the ones you should start with, and on which all the others build) and the 4 Indispensable Power Principles (the specific rules of thumb and social ‘hacks’ which explain how the Laws really work in the world today).

Armed with this knowledge, The 48 Laws of Power won’t be a cool book you glanced through and then shelved. It will change your life.


Jon Waterlow is a writer and podcaster with a PhD in History. He's the Co-Founder of Voices in the Dark (https://www.voicesinthedark.world), a podcast and blog about Learning How To Human. We write, talk and laugh about social dynamics, life, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, history, psychedelics, and more.

You can find our free landmark series on Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power here: https://voicesinthedark.world/exploring-the-48-laws-of-power

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