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Just when everything is going well in her life, researcher Jamee Blair is forced to become an amateur detective after the live-in caregiver hired for her sister’s medical crisis, vanishes. To track down the truth of the missing caregiver, Jamee enlists the help of modern day highlander, Samuel Craig, a politician appointed investigator into human trafficking links to international organized crime. Together, Jamee and Sam embark on a disturbing search for Odessa and, as the mystery unfolds, they find themselves navigating the twists and turns of Canada’s seedy underground immigration. Jamee’s comedy filled one-line zingers, aimed to keep Sam at arms distance, become a second chance at happiness. When a casino chip is found with the body, Sam suspects more than a simple homicide, and when a second crime scene is discovered on a suburban Calgary beach, the search leads to so much more. In this romantic thriller, the unlikely pair uncover a conspiracy that involves murder, assassins, spies and espionage.


J M Dolan's debut novel is a gripping thriller full of surprises mixed with a good dollop of humour. Although it deals with the unsavoury subject of human trafficking Dolan handles the content with aplomb.


Writing contemporary romantic suspense, JM Dolan began on an old borrowed typewriter for extra credits in high school. With a love of reading and an insatiable curiosity, storytelling came naturally. JM says even as a child creative thought became stories played through the mind like a movie. Devoted to family and community, hard work and perseverance, JM has travelled and sought personal development in a variety of careers. According to JM Dolan life should have humour, a punch of mystery and of course love.

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