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Beyond Biomechanics - Biotensegrity


In this book Maren Diehl describes biotensegrity as a new explanatory model for living bodies and especially horse kinetics, as the alternative paradigm to biomechanics.

By connecting biotensegrity with the latest knowledge on myofascial tracks in the horse, the encouraging results of brain research and the "sphere of possibilities" as a practice field, the author provides another book filled to the brim. It is an invitation to merrily join motoric learning, tensegrity thinking and feeling, problem-solving processes and personal development.

As difficult as the topic might initially appear: anyone who still has pleasure in contemplation or would like to reawaken their enthusiasm for learning and researching in the real, creative sense is well served with this book.


Maren Diehl, born in 1964,

gives lectures and tutorials about

biotensegrity and horses for riders,

therapists, trainers and all other

horse enthusiasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

She has been "infected" by the biotensegrity-virus in 2015 and since that time she explains biotensegrity as the underlying principle for bodies in motion.

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