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"Double Vision" is the story of Vince, a young male escort, who is found dead in a South London hotel room. Unfortunately the woman client last seen with him is nowhere to be found. She is the presumed murderer but, without clues as to her identity, the investigation is at a standstill. The police enlists the help of a psychic clairvoyant to move the investigation forward and solve the murder. Will the psychic manage to find the murderer? What other secrets will Vince's death uncover?

This short, fast paced, creative crime drama with an unusual storyline will appeal to fans of murder stories as well as fans of "psychic detectives" and of unexpected twists; It is the perfect escape for a couple of hours.


An unusual insight into the human psyche and its motivating influences.

This book is a real "page-turner", plot within plot, and a surprise on every page... and it's not too long to read in one go.


Just to say I finished your book in one sitting. I started reading and quickly became engrossed. I did put it down at one point only to pick it up 5 mins later. Some clever twists and turns. A great read. Thank you.


After spending over 35 years in South London, Andrée Roby, originally from France, now lives in West Sussex.

As a language teacher, she loves languages and the written word and has published flash fiction, poems and articles.

Being an avid reader of many masters of thriller/crime novels, she was inspired to write her own murder story, thus fulfilling a long-standing dream. "Double Vision" is her first novella to be published.

She is currently working on the translation of "Double Vision" into French and on a collection of short stories.

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