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Through the Elephant's Door

Orca Book Publishers

It's a rainy day so the boy and his elephant, Émile, decide the perfect way to pass their time is with a trip to the museum. Their problems start before they even walk through the doors. First, what door does an elephant fit through? And second, why does the grumpy guard assume they are going to cause problems? It seems like as soon as they start to enjoy an exhibit, he's right there yelling at them not to touch anything. Like they would ever do that!

Then, in a flash everything changes and suddenly Émile and the boy find themselves in a very precarious situation. Will the guard be right about these two after all?


Hélène de Blois did her BA in French at the University of Montreal and in dramatic arts at the Université du Québèc à Montréal. In 1999 she published her first book for children, Un train pour Kénogami, which was a finalist for the Prix Cécile-Gagnon. Ever since, she's been writing and visiting students, encouraging the imaginations of young readers through reading, writing and art. For more information, visit helenedeblois.com. Hélène lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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