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The most beautiful of holiday destinations – your own garden. For all those who choose to spend their holidays at home, a somewhat different book about gardening that will get you in the mood for a vacation in your very own paradise.

In this remarkable guidebook, Daniela Cortolezis transports her readers on a voyage of discovery through their own garden.

But spending your holidays at home, just to keep doing whatever you normally do? There is another way! Page by page, this book shows you how much fun it can be to spend the summer at home while getting the utmost enjoyment from your garden.

No exhausting air travel, no fear of flying, no suitcases to pack, no abandoned garden. No waiting around, no queueing, no rowdy strangers the other side of flimsy walls. Holidaying in your green oasis is simply exquisite: you can unwind, laze away the hours, hug a tree, amble barefoot across the dewy grass, recharge your batteries, become one with nature and explore the world of your own green abode like a globetrotter.

The first ever guidebook for holidays in your own garden takes you directly to what may be the most beautiful holiday destination in the world and awakens an enthusiasm for the delights to be discovered amongst the deckchairs and secateurs. Discover an entire world within your own patch of green and enjoy this extraordinary travel guide!


Daniela Cortolezis has been writing the successful “Garteninspektor” gardening blog for a number of years now, which in 2019 was awarded second place in the Best German Gardening Blogs of the Year competition. A green way of life is at the centre of Cortolezis’ work and writing about it inspires her passion for bringing even more greenery into our world.

When she’s not up to her elbows in flower beds and vegetable patches, the garden passionista celebrates her love of nature and gardening by blogging about it.

Cortolezis worked as a freelance creative for many years. Once she’d discovered her love of gardening, her field of operation morphed into a green lawn. And ever since, nothing happens that doesn’t include the garden, because gardening is great fun!

Find more information and stories about gardening and the natural world in Cortolezis’ award-winning garden blog www.garteninspektor.com.

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