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Making Sense of Life and the Universe


Some books have pretty words but don't help much. Some have substance and tell a lot about reality. Some books look good but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Then there is a book that touches the soul on a deep level and tries to explain the inexplicable, that book is making sense of life and the universe. In this book you will find different spiritual concepts elucidated in a clear and coherent manner. From God, prayer, concepts about good and evil to the meaning of life. This book is filled with wisdom. You will find ideas that we contemplate about when we are in solitude. Every page is filled with wisdom and knowledge. In making sense of life and the universe you will get a clear picture of the true God, the God that most people don't want to know, that is the God that incarnates itself in this reality in order to know itself. This book is a search for the ultimate meaning of life.

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