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George Chan

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In a lifetime of work with farmers around the world, George Chan, the father of integrated farming, has been searching for a formula that would transform “waste into wealth”. He brought together their ancient knowledge with new technologies and elaborated a theory based on circularity and sustainable recycling where farming can exist with zero input and zero emissions—the Integrated Farming and Waste Management System. For the so-called Dream Farms, a sustainable cycle was developed using material and energy in different stages, such as raising chickens and using their waste as extra nutrients for the plants, effecting an increase of crop and gain. Chan has been a pioneer of our modern take on non-pollution and bio-farming, but unfortunately his revolutionary model comes out of site-specific research and exchanges and thus remains for the most part unknown. This notebook brings together key ideas of this committed thinker in the form of drawings, diagrams, notes, and photographs, which are introduced by Fernando García-Dory, who has carefully compiled these papers in close exchange with Chan.

George Chan (*1923) is an environmental engineer.

Fernando García-Dory (*1978) is an artist and agro-ecologist living between Madrid, Berlin, and the northern Spanish mountains.


Language: German/English

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