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Here in There


Here in There, Angela Carr’s third book of poetry, is a lyrical petition to the human faculty of attention. In constant motion, the poems locate unusual instances of connection. They ask, do we give or pay attention? And what do we attend to? How do we decide what merits our attention? In a world where stillness is elusive, can we give or pay attention to anything but that which outlives our own distraction? Turning our attention to the senses, in Here in There, touch informs inscription, credit becomes an audible vibration. Carr’s poems form traceable and untraceable patterns, disappearing economies of material.


Carr achieves an exquisite balance of sensual fleshiness, confession, and conceptual abstraction.

&dnash; Sonnet L'Abbé, The Globe and Mail

Carr makes texts, bodies, and buildings pliable.

– Canadian Literature


Angela Carr is the author of two poetry books, Ropewalk (2006; nominated for the McAuslan First Book Prize) and The Rose Concordance (2009). As a translator, she translated Coit by Chantal Neveu (2012). Originally from Montreal, Carr now lives in New York City, where she teaches Creative Writing.

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