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Those Sci-Fi Guys


Gene Lucas Seasqrd and Sam Parseck are the greatest heroes in Earth's Cosmos-Corps but they'd like to retire and leave saving the galaxy to someone younger like Peter Pulsaar and Ray Jay Atamz. Unfortunately Seasqrd and Parseck can't retire until the new generation of heroes is ready to take on the evil Darklone and his Zlythetaur minions. Will Seasqrd and Parseck be able to stop Darklone and his Havoccraft before it unleashes environmental destruction on Earth? Will they be able to save the Animazon women from ecologic disaster? Will they ever convince Dr. Orson Rozwelles to use his Mind Over Matter Machine for good instead of evil? And will Peter Pulsaar and Ray Jay Atamz ever find romance with Commander Dya Nammock and Dr. Jane MaCardiak? The answer to these and many other space-opera question can be found in the outer limits of "Those Sci-Fi Guys."


R. Jay Carissimo worked in theater and television before becoming a history teacher. He's always enjoyed writing from the time he was young; he used to write stories for classmates then later for his nieces and nephews. He used the thesis of his master's degree to write his first novel, "Thieves of the Vormonde," which was published in 2015. This was followed by another fantasy book entitled, "Two Familiar," which came out in 2016. R. Jay Carissimo likes to spend his summers writing new manuscripts and growing new gardens.

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