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Oedipus frivolity


The first book of the Metaphysics of Evil is a collection of reflections generated

by the inner crisis of the defeated soul. Like Oedipus at Colonus, the defeated

soul has to find its sense after he grasps the inexorable force of the destiny. The

profoundness he had reached through his extreme experiences brought him to a

greater understanding and an occult empathy towards the existence. He is in

permanently dialog with his Higher state of consciousness, and he transcends the

time and space, while he is personifying different characters which are touched

by the great damnation, Hamlet, Job, Orpheus and Cain. Far from trying to

provide answers, the poems are recordings of a free inner dialogue similar to a

jam session of musicians coming from different musical traditions. Behind the

different interpretations there is the celebration of the unified field, the aura of

an expression pushed to the extreme, still kept into the register of human


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