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A New Beginning in the City of the Sun

tredition | Arakira & Aranis Ishtar

Be a seeker and discover the wisdom of the past!

This book is an overwhelming adventure full of great solutions. You will learn what spiritual development really means and what unique abilities you and other people can achieve with devotion and a pure heart.

Experience how human civilization can be rebuilt after a legendary flood. Accompany five young people on their risky adventures on their inner path. Immerse yourself with them in a deeper knowledge of ancient scriptures and get an extraordinary insight into life, its dynamic challenges and how you can master them in a friendly and peaceful way.


"The topic is gripping, the explanations extremely informative."

"The whole thing was fascinating, excitingly structured and captivating."

"This novel brings together myths and philosophies from various ancient civilizations in a fresh and entertaining way."

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