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Mario Bellatin

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Mario Bellatin’s oeuvre is characterized by an experimental and fragmented mode of narration that artfully links reality and fiction. In his text, the author, claiming he wishes to be surrounded by his books at all times, devises the project The Hundred Thousand Books of Bellatin: one hundred books written by himself, each of which is to be printed in an edition of one thousand. The hundred themes of this enterprise include such diverse topics as the importance of a certain dog without a hind leg in the life of Mario Bellatin, the donation of a Hewlett-Packard camera to one hundred artists around the world, and the abandonment of a Doberman puppy called Jesús. What appears at first to be an unstructured list gradually takes shape as a peculiar narration of its own.

Mario Bellatin (*1960) is an author in Mexico City and a member of the Honorary Advisory Committee of dOCUMENTA (13). 


Language: German/English


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