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Divine Straightening


Within these pages you will discover a unique masterpiece on the laws of Divine healing and a wonderful guide to securing your own bodily and spiritual health.

In this book Alexander presents his valuable work for the first time, along with the principles and laws of Divine Straightening. In a fascinating way, the close connection between human consciousness and the body becomes clear: Divine Straightening thus incorporates the whole human being, in its trinity of body, soul and spirit.

“The book has been written in a lively manner – reading is fun, gives positive energy and along the way introduces us to some major areas of energy healing and conscious ways of living. Worth reading!“ - Reiki Magazine -

"The book feels very timely, as it explains how we are entering a new, Golden Age, where humanity has the opportunity to transform, both on an individual basis and as a whole."

- Natasha Church, Bookstop Tavistock UK -


Alexander Toskar has been engaged with miscellaneous ways of spiritual healing and traditions since early childhood. He continues his father’s healing work which he presents in writing for the first time in the book 'Divine Straightening. Alexander and Carolin Toskar operate worldwide as spiritual healer and ambassadors for the Divine Straightening and the Spiritual Health Foundation. In their spiritual centres in Switzerland and Germany, they accompany people on their path to health and contentment. Through visits to Asia, UK and the United States, they make this beneficial healing work accessible to a wide public.

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