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The Callow Violinist And Her Prime Lover


This is a short portion of my awaiting book composed of Alex , a teen girl of Mr. Douglas who findsherself emotionally harassed by Travis, of whom she came to know in a party ofone of her schoolmates. Her best friend Shirley notices her friend has gotsomething bothering her and tries hard to get the truth of it using all the openchances present. While at their new residence, Alex meets Steve wondrously,who happen to be a nephew of her neighbor Miss Helen, and the two becomesfond to each other. Thrilled by Alex’s gift in violin, Mr. Smith who is an instructorof a renowned theatre starts coaching her alongside Stephen and Laura, andthrough their frabjous efforts they qualify for the participation in a contest heldat heir theatre, which at the end leaves enmity amongst them.After a close watch at her, Mr. Douglas realizes her daughter is straying andhe calls off of her relating with Steve. Despite the curfew mounted, Alex trieshard of how to get in touch with her swain for she believes she can’t liveevenfor a second without him. Afterwards, Alex finds herself at the crossroad whenshe learns that her dad is dating Miss Helen, who is the aunt of her lover.

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