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A Large Dam, Small Fish and the BaTonga


At the age of 95, Gray K. Madyenkuku has seen it all. As a boy he was one of the first to receive an education by the missionaries who came to the hot and remote Gwembe Valley in Southern Province of Zambia. He and his family lived through the resettlement of 57 000 BaTonga people after for construction of the Kariba dam, the largest man-made lake at that time and he saw the struggle for Zambia´s independence. As critical observer of development and a longtime member of local committees and projects, he is also heading a large family. This is the view of a local man of the changes and developments from colonial times to today.

Smartphone users can access the original recordings via QR Codes in the book.

More photos and information on the author at www.vielfalt-landwirtschaft.jimdo.com

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