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Relationships R You


I use automatic writing, and I am dyslexic. Please excuse my literature. I hope this book fills in some gaps in other studies. I love you all. 

I love myself unconditional, therefore I love others the same. I do not judge or criticize myself, therefore I do not do it to others. I realized that my relationship with myself affect others.

I believe that our relationship with ourselves determines our relationships with others because relationships are a direct reflection of who we are inside. Intimacy which is (into me I seek), this intuition will guide us.

Parental issues and holding on to grief can have a direct impact on our relationship with ourselves and then others. How I truly felt about me affected how others treated me. Breakups can be one of the toughest things to overcome when we do not learn why it had to end.

The stability of a relationship begins in infancy, psychological anguish is the reason why most relationships fail. I used chakra work to help me heal o better deal with my traumatic experiences, I am not saying this is the only way.

As I became aware of Self/Spirit, I started to see my old perception of myself unfold in front of my eyes. I then saw how my strengths and weaknesses affected my relationships with others. I noticed how my hidden pain and anger from my past experiences interfered with my relationship with myself.

I lost good and important people because I had issues that I refused to come face to face with. How I was raised, how many parents treated each other, how my siblings treated me, and especially how my parents treated me.

I believe that all if not most past traumatic experiences can be resolved; we can heal our hearts again with a little work. We are all one in the creator's eye, so this means with compassion, we can all relate instead of self-hate.

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