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Undress Me Now


Meet Roxanne “Rox”, a twenty-eight year old French woman living in California. Rox is married to Charlie, but feels neglected by her husband, both emotionally and sexually. To save herself from her falling, she embarks on extra-marital affairs with three different men. The new men in her life provide her with the sexual escape that she needs.  In the quest to find herself, she will discover extreme pleasure, but will also face her own demons, until she is brought to breaking point.

Get ready to fall in love with Rox, to cry with Rox, and to explore your own hidden sexual fantasies.

Undress Me Now is not any erotic story. So get comfy, find a quiet place, and put a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on your door.  


"He had me lie down on my back, my legs completely up in the air. He knelt outside his car, in front of my wide open legs, my pussy totally exposed and started to lick me like no one had ever been licked before. His tongue went in out, he would stop only to lick the inside of my leg, before tongue-fucking me again."

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