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Lands At The End Of The Earth


From a continent torn apart by civil war and corruption, new heroes were born. The South African military played a great role in civil wars throughout Africa, and boasted many war heroes like Nick Thorne. This action filled plot is based on a series of true events that took place during the struggles between factions and governments in the 1900’s. It was the era when cartels, factions, diamond smuggling and the race to power were the norm, and people feared the very candidates who were assigned to protect them. Experience the struggles of entire families, in their fight for survival and the right to protect their land. Experience realistic encounters from the actual wars, the layout of actual landscapes, the betrayal, the tribulations and much, much more! There was no fairness in war! There was no going home to one’s pregnant wife and unborn child! In fact, most children never survived long enough to reach adulthood! And so war continues to hinder Africa today, but on a much smaller scale, and we ask ourselves whether this amazingly captivating action-packed adventure-story will be part of our heritage forever!

Strong language and violence with extremely horrific scenes are included in the contents of this book, in order to keep the plot as realistic as possible. Hence an age restriction of eighteen!

Quote by author Bernard Harold Curgenven: “Few authors have managed to write such lengthy plots and keep them interesting. Terrance certainly has managed to keep me captivated with this realistic story. I am particularly amazed at the accuracy of the geographical layouts and historical details included here…”

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