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Love Isn’t Always on Time by Tiffany Forbes

Love isn’t about how much you say I love you, it’s about how much you prove that it’s true. A fine blessed man like Zayvion Black can have any woman he wants but he only has eyes for his baby, Jonelle Todd. He tries to give her everything to prove his love from the beautiful home, spoiling her with expensive gifts, to being the perfect husband and father. Going above and beyond to prove his love is never enough for Jonelle. He learns you cannot give a woman the world who is only ready for the city and who is not ready to settle down. She comes up with every reason in the world why she is not ready to be the woman Zayvion wants and needs her to be.

Jonelle feels like marriage and motherhood hold her back in life. Living life in the fast lane she would rather push things to the limit than slow down to appreciate how blessed she truly is. She has no problem saying she loves Zayvion, but never shows and proves it. Finally growing tired, Zayvion finds out the girl of his dreams is a beautiful nightmare, he decides to stop looking for love and focus his attention on his what matters most to him before she destroys him.

Will  Zay find the right love at the wrong time? Or will Jonelle make time to see that she has the type of love that most women dream of before her time runs out? Follow Zayvion and Jonelle to find out that Love Isn’t Always on Time.

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