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The Rapture Call ?


     If you are a regular patron of a Christian church, but are unsatisfied or bored with the usual whitewashed Biblical stories, you are not alone. This book was created for you. 

     For instance, you may have heard  in church of the Rapture. This book will reveal to you the truth and origin of the Rapture Theory. Furthermore, have you heard of the Kenites? In this book we will  identify the Kenites and the important role they play. Have you heard of the "Parable of the Fig Tree?" This is the one parable Jesus Christ said you need to know.

     In this book, if you dare to read it, Biblical stories will be revealed to you in a fresh and amazingly prophetic way to help you understand God's grand plan for the human race, how to navigate the difficult times confronting us now, and most importantly how to spiritually survive times forthcoming.


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