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The Art of Happiness


Use These Amazing Tips Based On Real Life Experience To Learn The Arts To Be Happy And Start Living Progressively In Life

You’re about to discover how to...Take proven steps and strategies on how to travel to happiness instead of expecting it to find you as well as breaking down to you the non-secret secret to find yourself, stop procrastinating, let go when you have to and start living life. This book is the life story of Roy, a rising star in the volcano studies areas in Hawaii as well as the world now. I have interviewed and communicated with Roy for the purpose of this book, aiming to share his experience to motivate the others to do the same, or to live their lives to the fullest potential given by the creator.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

Life and SetbackHappiness And Seeing OpportunityGoal SettingOvercoming ObstaclesFrom Failure to Stepping StoneTaking the Road Less TraveledThe Backup PlanThe Future Is NOWMoving ForwardLetting GoAnd Much, Much More!

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