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Basic French in Twelve Weeks - New


The purpose of this book is to help you create your own personal phrase book.

Instead of giving you a couple of thousand readymade sentences, I help you understand the mechanism of the French language.

Once the mechanism of a language is understood all you have to do is get the parts you need, put them together in the correct order (which is taught in this book) “et voila” (there you are).

This book is made of four parts.General rules: a general idea of the pronunciation and some very basic grammar.Structures: comparing the structures of the English and the French languages.Appendix: reference for vocabulary and common phrases, verbs, pronouns, numbers, date and time.Exercises: each exercise is set to be done within a week.

If you think that you need to speak perfectly a language to be able to communicate this book is not for you. Just put it back and select another one. 

This book will give you enough knowledge to be able to clearly communicate with a French speaking person.

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