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Cover zur kostenlosen eBook-Leseprobe von »Dirigibles of Tuln«

Dirigibles of Tuln


This is a story that tells the tale of a trio of young brothers and their tumultuos  lives in a war torn world. Just children they are thrust into roles as important as any in the kingdom. One child learns that their hated father is not his true parent after all. Another learns their may be benifits to being the son of Pulnor the Black!  The youngest learns how to touch the very essence of the gods while the world wonders if their dead gods will ever return.

The east sees the weakness of the rest of the nations in this time of despair and unleashes their dirigible brigades in a surprise assault across the globe. It is the emperor's bid to take control of the lands far and wide and with superior technology and numbers there seems to be little chance to stop them.

Join Yrnol and Pulnor and little Syam in their journey across Tuln, a world so very much like our own.

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